Every Pure store is a working kitchen, where flatbreads are baked, dressings are created, salads dressed in front of you, and smoothies made fresh every day.

Our food is made on-site each day and packed just before you order it. And all of our ingredients have been meticulously selected to ensure that they do not contain unnecessary preservatives, additives, sugar, salt or fat.

Tasty, fresh, healthy meals that have been made for you.

You get out what you put in

Because our salads are dressed and packed only when you order it, we can guarantee the freshest and most delicious salads you can find

Freshly baked flatbread

Freshly baked flatbread.
Everyday, we open our store kitchens very early in the morning to bake our own flat bread. This is the only way to get that perfect combination of crisp and soft. Try it today, fresh from the oven.

Home made dressings

Home made dressings
Choose from 10 home made dressings, as the perfect complement to your salad. Each dressing is made to Pure's own recipe, created to be natural, delicious, and healthy.

Fair trade coffee

Pure coffee
Our coffee uses 100% Arabica beans which have been ethically sourced and hand-roasted locally. Made with care by our trained baristas using organic milk.



Chocolate brownie

Smoothies & juices

Smoothies & juices
It simply doesn't get any fresher or healthier than this. Pure fruit smoothies and vegetable juices, blended and juiced on-site everyday.

Pure delivers

Pure delivers. Whether it's a breakfast meeting or a team lunch, get it freshly made and delivered from Pure.

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